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Phoenix Technology Group is Australia’s leading distributor of Satellite TV and Terrestrial TV equipment. Servicing both the wholesale and trade industries Australia wide. Phoenix also has a growing power products division including solar panels, inverters, batteries and back-up power systems. Manufacturing products from our factory in Shanghai China, Phoenix is a wholly owned Australian company meaning our profits stay here.

We continue to expand our product range and design new products for the Australian & New Zealand markets. We specialise in making OEM and ODM products for many local companies, just contact our sales line to speak to one of helpful staff. From pallet loads to full containers Phoenix is big enough to meet your supply demands and committed and focussed enough to deliver on the smaller things. Phoenix works hard to supply our dealers with top class service and continuous new product releases. We also have many retail ready solutions for most of our stocked products. Phoenix is the main stop for Pay TV operators wanting to purchase genuine satellite TV decoders and complete solutions including distribution and purchase of dishes and mounting hardware. If you need something designed around specific operators requirements Phoenix is the right stop for you. We have an engineering team based here in Australia as well as being supported by a bigger team in China. Phoenix’s ethos is to support the dealer network and build partnerships with our clients, this has served us well. As we continue to build for the future why doesn’t your company join us for the ride.






 电话: 03 9553 3399
 地址: Unit 21/148 Chesterville Road,Moorabbin,VIC


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