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(聖三一学院 - LTCL演奏文凭性能(同级别AMEB L.MUS DIP)
音乐表演4级文凭(圣三一学院伦敦ATCL钢琴演奏会从伦敦圣三一学院副教授(同级别AMEB A.Mus。DIP)

Ms. Chan Chan is a passionate piano teacher who loves and enjoys playing the piano with passion. She has played and learned piano over 15 years and now is preparing Trinity College - LTCL Recital Performance Diploma ( same level with AMEB L.MUS. Dip). She is holding Level 4 Diploma in Music Performance ( Associate of trinity College London ATCL Piano Recital from Trinity College London ( same level with AMEB A.Mus. Dip).She is a member of Music Teachers' Association of New South Wales. She has childhood qualifications and has been teaching kids and adults for almost two decades and accompanying several performers also for exams. She has a wide range of experience teaching students of all ages and standards and has experience teaching also towards exams if necessary.
Her piano lessons are easy to comprehend, enjoyable and are catered to the needs of each student, focused on technique and performance skills. She wishes to enlighten the piano and musical life of the students by now offering private piano lesson at Ryde area or Eastwood area.
If you have interest to have a lesson please contact ; 0423 035 967 or send email ;






 电话: 0423035967
 联络: Ms. Chan
 地址: 378 Blaxland Road


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