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Contact Ozproject for better deals and pricing. Our unique business model helps you in importing stuff at less price and hassle. Get easy shipping without giving into the need of storing large shipments. We are committed to create a service based enterprise for you that not only helps you in importing goods at low MOQ, but also in real estates to set up your perfect home or office.

Years of experience in business and industry has helped us with insights that can reduce your expenses and eventually add to your profits. Through our import business, we have created a strong network and alliance that allows us to run domestic and international trades at a great price, which allows us to share the benefits with you.

Our business will let you order products from different sources in one single shipment and sell them with ease. We have partnered with factories who provide high quality goods at a relatively less price. With our support, you don't have to worry about stockpiles and loss. You'll get the best value for your money, with this arrangement you can sell fresh products always, an edge over other sellers.

We are committed to assist you in your quest for success, if you need any product this is not listed on our website, just drop us a line and we will make direct contact with factory and inquiry it for you. We believe in you and your dreams just like you do.

What We offer:

- Select/Source and inform you the Latest/Hot products for your business category ;
- Lowest MOQ (Neg);
- Competitive Price;
- Helping you to import with competitive international freight cost if you need large quantities;
- Guarantee you with higher Margin ;
- Any products you need and we would like to help..

What you need to do:

- Let us know your want to increase margin;
- Let us know your business category;
- Let us know the product you are looking for;

If you do not know above all or lack of updated information of the products and market trend, Please contact us, we will source the products and help you to overcome the difficulty.

Real Estate

Enjoy the benefits of a global citizen without being one. Now you can buy and sell products including real estate with our versatile services. Australian real estate is an open market, you can invest in the New property from all around the world. We are steadily growing into global market for various industries, as a result a growing home for immigrants. This is a Golden Era real estate deal in Australia.

We have an exclusive web of agents in the Australian real estate that enables us to sell properties at a very competitive rate with a special incentive policy, so that you can enjoy the perks of our brand loyalty.

You'll find the best deals in your budget with our services in any part of Australia. Following the philosophy of our work and life, we provide a long term solution that creates a lasting business association.






 电话: 0425399280
 传真: wechat: ma0425399280
 联络: Ivan Ma
 地址: P.O Box 1376, sunnybnak Hills 4116, Calamvale, QLD 4116
 邮件: futuretrading.au@gmail.com
 网站: http://ozproject.com.au


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