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With over 15 years experience, ACE Global has set a new benchmark in the freight forwarding Industry thus providing the most committed sophisticated service like no other.

With our Strong relationships with Major Shipping Lines, Rail Lines and Airliners, ACE Global have built an all in platform, Integrated Service. We ensure both comprehensive Service and Competitive rates for the beneficial of our clientele, and overseas agent partners are met. Quality must be pursued in every part of the process to achieve a consistently excellent outcome.

ACE Global pride in what we do and stand by our customers needs, we believe working as one strong family together with our clients/partners and never take for granted our next customers are only figures.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers by meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations and our people and procedures reflect this.

Our committed professional staff will work around the clock to ensure our customers and agents are fully informed and updated every step of the way thus being the key aspect of our family partnership with you.

We work reliably and efficiently to your schedule not ours.

We take the stress of logistics away from clients and deliver service, focusing in logistical chain.

ACE Global have invested and implemented the latest electronic technology which enables us to provide timely and reliable communication to our customers, suppliers and agents worldwide all from our head office in Sydney, Australia.




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 电话: 02 9669 6637
 地址: Suite 103, 35 Doody St, Alexandria, NSW 2015


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